XD-FLG-type floating floor building sound isolation pads




Floating floor slab vibration of sound insulation technology is rapid development in recent years a new form of vibration and noise, in the United States and other Western countries widely uscd lt can not only isolate the noise within the device can also be isolated outside of the sound,for asensitive area,as the Ministry has an important rooms,offices,conference rooms,lounges and other occasions demanding acoustic should be using this form As the sound design is a systematic projcct,including the building envelope sound insulation,vibration isolation and HVAC mechanicaland electrical,plumbing and air conditioning systems muffler vibration and so on,Along with the growing emphasis on encironmental protection,theconstruction market have issued a "construetion noise evaluation critoria"(GB/T50121-2005),"civil acoustic design specifieation"(GBJ118-88),"Urban Environmental Noise Standard"(GB3096-1993),Urban Area Environmental Vibration Standard "(GB10070-1988)and"social life,environmental noise emission atandards "(GB22337-2008) and other national standards,the purpose is to regulate the construction market in the environmental impact of noiseandvibration allow able range, in order to take effective measures to achieve the emission standards required to make theenvironment more beautiful,more harmonious society,Our company in several year project practices, summarizes and the development product unceasingly,designs XD-FLG to float builds the floor vibration isolation sound insulation pad, the WHG surrounding protection vibration isolation sound insulation pad,both necessary applicationin floats builds on the floor, with the metal spring vibration isolator,the rubber spring vibration isolator,the hanging bracket,the support, the bracket vibration isolator,the silencer,the static pressure,the sound absorption body and the soundproofing gate and so on constructs a system together the vibration isolation noise reduction system,isolates the vibration and the noise transmission effectively.

XD-FLG-floating floor building sound isolation pads and WHG-type envelope-style acoustic isolation pads are made of natural rubber matrrial into the mixing is made with noise and damping the air, acid,oil,anti-aging properties,etc, using the temperatureof-15~135°C,the product of asingle block area 250*500*500 and 250two,can be assembled and cutting,electrical and mechanical equipment for large-scale isolation of double insulation.

WHG-type sound insulation for exterior vibration pads
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